Recovered the website and forum information for the original Ultima Legacy server; currently converted to RunUO engine and revamping website design and information for launch day! :D


Updated several pages for legibility and editing; reformatted the Ultima 7 Who's Who and Serpent Who's Who for new graphics and layout.


Has it been so long?! After much grumbling and procrastinating, I've restored my old website. I will probably update from time to time, but wanted to ensure this remained as a resource for other Ultima fans and Dragons. Please enjoy with my compliments :D

Edit: I've updated several pages that I've been working on. Hope you enjoy :P


*cough, cough* Ack! Too many cobwebs floating around in here! Well, college and work have taken up much of my free time, so I apologize for the severe lack of updates. Have hope though! I've placed the Ultima VII for Windows on the site with the permission of the author! Joy! Ultima VII relives!


Well, Origin has finally sent forth the updated Ultima IX: Ascension Installation CD along with a free copy of Ultima Online: The Second Age with a 1 month trial code. Although I personally will not be travelling the lands, it is a decent gesture on Origin's part to finally do as they promised.


As the Millenium turns... =) Okay, yes I'm a deadbeat webmaster who's let things slide, sorry! Anyway, updated a few links in the Ultima Resource Library, and will be working on some new things, so keep an eye peeled (well, don't as you'll need medical attention, and I'm not paying any bills =)


Added a new message board! Go to Houston Dragon's Ultima Series Scrolls


Updated the main site with what I feel is a more streamlined approach, and updated pages to reflect Ultima IX: Ascension. Recommencing work on new fanfics


Wow! To begin, unless you've been living in a cave, Ultima IX: Ascension has released. Words do not begin to describe the feeling I had when the Avatar set foot within the lands of Britannia once more. Thank you OSI/EA for releasing this, the final world of Ultima, for our enjoyment.

Since I've been busy working (and of course playing Ultima IX =), I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates, but the wait is over. I invite everyone to enjoy the Who's Who of Ultima VII: The Black Gate, a comprehensive study of the residents of Britannia.

On a side note: I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. May whatever Gods you worship shine peace and happiness into your life. - John Hosie aka Houston Dragon


It has begun again... the sound of ULtima IX: Ascension going gold, rushing forward into history. For anyone with a current UO account, OSI is selling the Regular Edition of U:A for $35. However, I highly recommend you purchase a copy of the Dragon Edition. After all, as the last single-player Ultima title, and the end of the series, it's well worth the investment. Past that, I've removed the ICQ panel from the main page due to loading errors... and soon, I'll be updating with something new... until next time, walk in Virtue.


It has NOT begun... the rumor of U:A going gold was just that: a rumor. *sigh* Anyway, in the meantime, I'd like to present my Ultima parody, Ultima: Everybody's Free (To Save Their Game). Also, OSI has recently updated their Ultima: Ascension site with new words from Lord British and a new order page, listing both the original and Dragon editions of U:A. Sweet!


It has begun... today marked the beginning and end of an era. Ultima IX: Ascension has gone gold. The master is on its way to final pressing, meaning within as little as two weeks, we shall once more travel within Britannia...
On a side note, Computer Gaming World's December edition is now on shelves across the nation. Due to a severe screwup within the company, the so-called 'exclusive' U:A demo CD was NOT shipped to subscribers, but only on the newsstands. Whoops... great job, guys! *sarcasm* Anyway, at $7.99, this is not a cheap magazine, but is well worth the investment. The U:A demo is close to 450MB in size, so unless you have a T-1 and can get a good connection to a server, good luck! =)


Hello again! Well, of course I'm awaiting the release of Ultima: Ascension next month, but to tide us over, I'd like to present you with A Midsummer Ultima Dream. Enjoy!


I've often wondered... do people really read these things???

Okay, the good news: The Ultima Resource Library is now up and running!!! Whoo hoo!!! I'm also working diligently on the Who's Who of the Black Gate (yep!!!), and I hope to be completed soon.
The bad news: Well, until I can bitch at Geocities (and they actually listen), I'm unable to use a CGI-BIN for scripting... *sigh* So, there won't be a search engine for the Ultima Resource Library. Ah well...


Oh yeah!!! No longer a CobWeb site! hehe... I've finished (and I'm done this time) with the Who's Who of Serpent Isle.
Hello out there! Welcome once again to my site! I have recently been appointed (aka saddled) with the august title of Webmaster of the Ultima Resource Library, and will be updating regulary. Take a look around, and again, enjoy your stay.
On a side note, once again rumor flies about us as U:A continues to be delayed. Will Ultima: Ascension become a Vaporware product? Will Origin place all their eggs into the Ultima Online basket? Will Shamino be revealed as Lord British's love-child??? Hell if I know! But, I plan to stick around to see...


*sigh* I'd like to express my sympathies to the family of DeForrest Kelley. A talented actor best known for his role as Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, he will be missed. Also, I'm in the process of cleaning up the site (ie. removing dead links, checking images), and impatiently waiting for UIX. Feel free to poke around to see the new look. =)


Wow! What a great month this has been! First, I turned 24 yesterday, and am impressed with Origin's release of 3 new trailers for U:A. Although quite large to download, if you are running a 33.6 or better, it's well worth the wait!

Also, I received an email heralding the rebirth of the lost continent of Akalabeth. For more news and information, I invite you to visit The Official Akalabeth Remake Homepage to learn more... There is also a rather good MP3 of Stones available on the net, so point your browsers to the Official Ultima: Ascension Page, and visit the message boards. BTW, I am the winner of the April Site of the Month from Sage Advice, who happens to be owned by a U:A developer. Sweet!

Until next time, walk in Virtue...


As a gamer, I've watched the Internet change over time regarding Ultima and the support for the series. Sith Dragon has hung up his hat, as has Laurens M. Fridael with her wonderful sites.

I have no plans to close this site, and I hope with the release of U:A, these friends will return. Also, I've updated all broken links, so if yours is gone, I apologize.


Ah, 1999... and so far, there are no dire effects... hehe. Anyway, not much going on here. Updating links and working on new fanfics. And of course, waiting impatiently for U:A.


Despite rumors to the contrary, I'm still alive. Hiya! Well, the last few months have been hectic. First, I'm now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, as the growing economic and social changes to Houston were causing me distress. Thus, I packed my weyr and flew to my new home. Second, I'm enrolled in a strange place known as a Kolage, which as far as I can tell is dedicated to the ancient god known as Nowledg. *sigh* Anyway, glad to be back, and I hope to be playing U:A soon.


Whew! Nearly a month since an update. Well, first, added some new MIDI files that can be found at the Official Ultima: Ascension Page.


Whoops! To anyone using Microsoft Internet Explorer, let me apologize. The JavaScript on the main page is now IE-friendly, and should not longer cause a crash.


Added a few new images to the site, and have done a major rehaul of the Culture of the Gargoyles. Also, following the creation of the Official U:A site, I've decided to compile a bit of info about the upcoming game. You can find it at Ultima: Ascension Info. My thanks go out to Sith Dragon for his collection of U:A news.


Whoohoo again! Won the Key Site Award! Check it out on my Awards page. Also, Origin has added a new site to their lineup. Visit the Official Ultima: Ascension Page.


Whoohoo! Won the Ultima Fantasy Award! Check it out on my Awards page.


Well, doing some tweaks to the main site.


(*Afternoon*) Well, had a massive power outtage along my street. AUGH!!!! Finally, after 6 hours, we have power again. *sigh* Anyway, here's yet another UO/Ultima artwork, entitled The Codex of Infinite Wisdom.


Well, being a busy little bee, I've created another UO/Ultima art, Mondain the Wizard.


Well, right now I'm playing with FUSE (Fallo's Ultima Online Server Engine), and damn I'm having fun! Visit Fallo's FUSE Page for all the scoops! Also, while playing with above mentioned software, I recreated an Ultima event that I always enjoyed. View my The Banishment of Lord Blackthorn.


I posted my ideas of why UO is not supposed to be Diablo to the newsgroups, and have added it here. And, I added the response to DD's call to get practical in Let's get Practical, Indeed. Also, I added the section UO Commentary to the main page.


To those who have read the Dev Team Comments concerning UO written May 6, I offer my comments to a posting that literally left me in tears after reading for the state of Ultima to come... Truly, Britannia is no more...


Wow! It's already been a year since this site opened, and today, I turned 23. To everyone that has visited, thank you for your interest, comments, and help in making this a great site! On a slightly sadder note, Sith Dragon has discontinued his Ultima: Ascension site.


Today I cancelled my account with Ultima Online. Click if you would like to read my goodbye. I am still working on 2 pieces of Ultima fiction, and I hope to be done soon!


Okay, I offically hooked on Ultima Online. For any who care to know, you can find me questing as Alai Daggerhold on the Great Lakes Shard, usually in Moonglow. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of a great place here in Houston for fantasy and medieval jewelery, The Dragon Forge. Go check it out!


*sigh* I have purchased te Ultima Collection, and now am desperately waiting for the release of Ultima 9: Ascension.


Okay, everone.., I'm calmer this time *grin* To start: I finally bought Ultima Online to see if the hype is worth it or not, so far I have to say I think it is. Heck, the intro is cool enough for me! BTW, I have updated my History of Britannia to give better info, and to reflect the timeline of UO. Also, I am trying *sigh* to complete my new fictions, which I have 3 I'm working on...


To start out, I'm really pissed off as I write this: To everyone who has emailed or posted me about using my work on their site, this anwer is unquestionably NO!!! I have put alot of time and effort into this site to try to make it a fun and enjoyable place for all to visit. The Internet DOES maintain copyrights, and as you should note on my site, I give credit where it is due for any work I have that is not mine, and is used with permission. I have found 2 seperate cases where my work has been used on other people's sites. The first was kind enough to apologize and list me as the author. The second was rude, and refused. I contacted the person's ISP and had their page canceled. I am VERY serious about this. I appreciate your praise on my work, but that does not entitle anyone to steal it.


Hidyho, good neighbor! *heh heh* I can't believe a whole month has passed since I've updated...*sigh* Anyway, some good news to start: I was awarded the Geocities A-List award! Whoohoo!!! *does a mad dance* Also, a bit of Ultima info: I was recently at the CES show in Las Vegas (being in retail is sometimes great!), and was strolling by the EA booth when I decided to stop in and chat and listen a little about the current events. Unfortunately, it seems the U9 schedule will be pushed back a few more months due to intense work on the UO engines and servers. Augh!!!! Sadly, I didn't get to see or meet Lord British anywhere in the show... I wonder if he attended?


Whohoo!!! I raked in a stash this year!!! *grin* Okay, I updated the index page to map the Ultima graphic I made (if I can make the darn thing smaller I'll put it on my main page *sigh*)


I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. May whatever Gods you worship shine peace and happiness into your life. - John Hosie aka Houston Dragon


Hello again! Well, first some good news. I was awarded The Critial Mass Award. Whoohoo!!! Okay, enough of that nonsense. Geocities gave all their users a nice Christmas present this year: an extra MB of disk space. Thank you!!! :-) Lemme see, nothing else to comment about, except that I'm still working on my new fanfic, but I'm suffering from MASSIVE Writer's Block. *sigh*


Geez...where does time go? Anyway, I'm working on yet another Ultima fanfic that should be done this week (woo-hoo!!). Also, I received a pleasant surprise this week, Check out the Who's Who of Serpent Isle to learn Stefano's true identity.


Happy Post-Thanksgiving, and for everyone not in America, don't sweat it, Happy (INSERT HOLIDAY HERE)!!! *grin* Anyway, some things. First, thank you and leave me alone to everyone who has e-mailed me about Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. Yes, I know about Blackthorn's Laws, and here they are: The Laws of Lord Blackthorn. *sigh* (P.S. A special thanks and hatemail goes out to Michael D. Hilborn aka A New Breed of Dragon for his story, The Tale of Captain Johne, for without this, I wouldn't have picked up Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny to begin with!!!)
Also, the The World of Origin has moved, and I've updated the link, and sadly, the Realms of Ultima, maintained by Darimar, has been pulled down :-( We can only hope it will appear again.


Well, it's been a while since I've updated, sorry to everyone! First, I would like to wish everyone 'Happy Holidays!', and I hope and pray everyone enjoys these holidays as much as I. Second, some Ultima news: I've been working on an Ultima fan-fiction, untitled as yet. I hope to finish it before the end of the year. Concerning Ultima Online, I've received numerous emails about my opinion stated here in 'What's New'. To all those who have written, it's my opinion, take it as you will. As of yet, I still haven't bought or played Ultima Online, and still have yet to find a reason to. Perhaps this will change in the future...


(sigh) Realized that Geocities DOESN'T give enough space!!! Grrr!!! Anyway, had to remove all my award images to free up space... oh well... Also, finished and uploaded my Ultima: The Dark Core Walkthrough. Come check it out!


Added the Ultima Resource Library Advanced Search page. This utility allows you to connect to one of the best collection of Ultima resources on the Internet (of which I must say I've contributed to as well!) Check it out!


Hmm, changed the Origin link: Origin Systems. I dunno about the rest of the Ultima fans, but I'm a little put out by Origin's decision to drop the Ultima Archives. A lot of people put a lot of work into the information collected there, but as it's not MY site, I guess it's their choice. Gimme some feedback about this... Other than that, I've yet to purchase Ultima Online. I'm not sure why, as I like online RPGs (especially Gemstone III!!!), but the whole atmosphere I'm getting from the UO crowd seems wrong. The purpose, tradition, and tapestry of the Ultima series is a great story, but nowhere in it did I find PKillers, vulgar and rude people, and general chaos. Enough of that...


Well, its been a long month!!! Let's see... redid the main Ultima page (minor tweaks). Linked to two VERY cool sites:
1) Ultima: The Dark Core, the newest crisis to face Britannia, online!
2) The Tale of Captain Johne, a sad tale of the fate that befell a Britannian sea captain and his crew. Come check them out!!!


Added the Curse of the Avatar, a short fiction about what happened to Pagan during the Avatar's visit.


Finally completed the Who's Who of Serpent Isle. Come check it out!


Woohoo! Won the Cool Sighting Award!!! Come see My Award Page!


Hmm, its been a weird and wild month for me. In closing for this month: Awarded the Knights Award today; working to complete the Who's Who of Serpent Isle; working on my second Ultima fanfic. Walk in Virtue.


Still working on the Who's Who of Serpent Isle, but have uploaded the completed sections. Should be done within this week.


In the process of a complete overhaul of the Who's Who of Serpent Isle.


Added the Black Gate & Forge of Virtue Item List.


Added the Serpent Isle & Silver Seed Item List .


Updated Index page.


Awarded the Creativity Award from the Realm.


Pulled GeoGuide from Ultima page due to loading errors, won the Pin of Approval! Added the Culture of the Gargoyles.


Added the Virtues of the Guardian.


Won the HHH Award for an Exceptional Web page!!!


Won the HVID Award for Excellence!!!


Won the Mopsicle Award!!! Joined the HTML Writers Guild.


Added Guestbook. Found a great utility called GeoWizard for GIF edits, see my Links page.


Broke a record for the amount of traffic tickets given at one time: 4 *grin*. Also, whooohoo!!! Awarded the Geopic Award. Created a banner for use on my index page.


Pulled SI graphics off front page due to slow loading time. Currently working on a new Ultima fanfic.


Joined ICQ Online, 1484948.


Awarded RNS Studios' Site and Story Awards.


Added my info page, redid main index page.


Added some links, tweaked page.


Was awarded the Dragon's Choice award for Homepage excellence! Added Awards page.


Redid Virtues of Lord British with new font and colors.


Turned 22, added 'Kneel me down', and the Principles of Balance, Chaos and Order.


Added random midi script.


Finished the Who's who of Serpent Isle. Redid Ultima graphics.


After being bugged by people, updated the Who's who list, now includes the Silver Seed. Linked to the Guardians of Ultima VII.


Removed Laura Smither link.


Added BloodyCats' story, Prisons. Also, added Virtues of Lord British.


Added the Who's who of Serpent Isle, Two Britannian Moons, and Beneath a Serpent Sky.


Redid the Serpent Isle graphics.


Added music to all pages!!!, moved links to separate page for better loads, also am refining HTML as I learn it.


Added mouse comments to links, added music to page.


Redid graphics on Ultima page, added Serpent Isle shots.


Now a part of the Ring of Dragons, added Ultima VII: The Return, added the History of Britannia, fixed link bugs, added Laura Smither links to index and Ultima pages.


Pages are set up, added links to various Ultima related sites. Fixed graphics. Open for business ':-) I plan to link to the Ring of Dragons soon.

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