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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle
Ultima VII: Serpent Isle

Allow me to share my knowledge of the people in Serpent Isle...

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Strangers from Another Land; Foreigners to the Serpent Isle

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Lord British

Once a traveler from Earth, Lord British rose to rule one of the four lands of ancient Sosaria. Following the destruction of most of the lands after the defeat of the Triad of Evil by the hero who would be known as the Avatar, he gathered the remaining towns into the great nation of Britannia. During the period historians refer to as the Age of Enlightenment, he established the Eight Virtues of Lord British. He is a just and noble ruler in our lands, but the history of Serpent Isle has recorded him as the Beast British, a monster who forced the people of Moon, Montors and Fawn to flee Sosaria due to repression. The charge was later denied by the prophetess Xenka upon her return to Monk Isle.

The mages of Moon, feeling the Virtues were more than any one person could hope to achieve; especially that of pure Honesty, founded the township of Moonshade. The warriors of Montors, feeling that Courage was the only true Virtue, founded the city of Monitor. And finally the people of Fawn, angry that Lord British would not recognize Beauty as the ninth Virtue, founded the city of Fawn in rememberance of their lost homeland. Ironically, the underlying Principles of these three towns; Truth, Love and Courage, were in fact the same Principles laid forth by Lord British. Never having physically traveled to the Serpent Isle, Lord British's spirit was seen by the Avatar in the mysterious Dream Realm. Now that the Balance has been restored, one can only hope our Lord is in good health.

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The Avatar

The Avatar Champion of Britannia, living embodiment of the Virtues of Lord British, and a citizen of Earth. He was called to ancient Sosaria by Lord British during the time of the Triad of Evil: Mondain, Minax, and Exodus. By overcoming great challenges; physical, mental, and spiritual alike, he managed to defeat them and save what was to become Britannia. But his challenges were still yet to come as the call went forth for one to master the Virtues. Again the hero prevailed and earn the title Avatar. Darkness came to the lands during the time the Codex of Infinite Wisdom was raised from its subterranean slumber. The act freed three Shadowlords, twisted reflections of the Principles. They overtook the lands and placed their puppet ruler, Lord Blackthorn upon the throne of Britannia. Through the Avatar's courage, truth, and love Britannia was freed from their deadly grasp. Peace was yet to come as the fierce Gargoyles, keepers of the Codex, attacked the Shrines and the people at large. The culture of the Gargoyles warned them of their impeding doom if the 'False Prophet' was not sacrificed. After much work, the Avatar realized it was the Codex that needed to be sacrificed and sent it into the Void, thus making it free from human and gargoyle alike.

Nearly 200 years passed before the Avatar returned to Britannia again to stop evil from destroying the lands. After unraveling the twisted plot of the Fellowship and the sage Batlin, the Avatar prevented the Guardian from coming through the Black Gate. Unfortunately, he was unable to return home due to the destruction of the Moongates. After discovering a magic scroll left by Batlin, he learned of the Guardian's plot to destroy Britannia via the Serpent Isle. Remembering how Gwenno had traveled there for research, he set off with his Companions: Dupre, Shamino, and Iolo. After a fierce struggle that ended with the sacrifice of Sir Dupre's live, the Avatar gained the title of the Great Hierophant of Balance, making him master of the Principles of Balance, Chaos, and Order. Freeing the Great Earth Serpent, he restored the Balance and saved the lands. However, the Guardian, furious at the intervention of his plans, sent the Avatar to the world of Pagan. We can only hope he returns soon...

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Sir Dupre

Sir Dupre A great friend and one of the Companions to the Avatar. Also a resident of Earth, he traveled to Britannia along with Lord British. Dupre was a resident of the city of Trinsic, also known as the city of Honor. One of the Avatar's staunchest allies, he always came to Britannia's aid whenever needed. When he arrived in Serpent Isle, and was visiting the city of Fawn, Dupre was arrested for offering a toast in Lord British's honor by Lady Yelinda. However, the Avatar discovered that the Oracle of Beauty was being controlled by Priestess Kylista and Chancellor Zulith of Fawn. Once freed, he was presented the Crystal Rose of Love by a grateful Yelinda.

Later during his travels in Serpent Isle, Dupre was possessed by one of the Banes of Chaos. The experience twisted his persona into the Wantoness Bane. Controlled by the Bane, he slaughtered the innocent people at the Sleeping Bull Inn. After being freed by the Avatar, he was overcome with guilt at what he had done; and, during the sacrifice of the Avatar in order to recreate the Chaos Serpent, he sacrificed himself to redeem his honor. After the restoration of the Balance, he is at peace.

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Lord Shamino

Lord Shamino A native, and once ruler of the Lands of Danger and Despair in ancient Sosaria, the destruction following the death of Exodus sent the lands to another world, there to be called the Serpent Isle. He was the first to meet Lord British upon his arrival into the lands. He was to be wed to the Lady Beatrix, but was unable to return to his lands. He is one of the three Companions of the Avatar foretold by the prophetess Xenka. During his travels in Serpent Isle, he found his lost castle; and within its walls, learned the sad fate of Beatrix.

During their travels to Moonshade, he was given two very powerful artifacts to give to the Avatar: The Mirror of Truth by Gustacio, and the Serpent Earrings by Frigidazzi. He was also possesed by a Bane of Chaos, its effects transforming him into Shamino the Anarch. Under its twisted control, he slaughtered most of the townspeople of Moonshade. After being freed by the Avatar, he helped restore the Balance to the lands, and was last seen in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise Isle.

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Iolo the Bard Friend and Companion to the Avatar. Also a native of Earth, he traveled to Britannia at the request of Lord British. A famed musician and poet, Iolo is a master bard and is the author of the song, Stones. Often depicted by history as a fool, Iolo is a noble soul, who out of his Compassion, has always believed in and traveled with the Avatar. Following his lost wife, Gwenno, to Serpent Isle he was struck by lightning and was teleported into the city of Monitor. Feared as a sorcerer, he was immediately thrown in jail by an angry Lord Marsten. After some explaining, he was freed by the Avatar to help in recovering the famed Helm of Courage from the evil goblin king, Pomdirgun. Upon reaching Fawn, he was invited to perform for Lady Yelinda and was presented with a stunning white diamond necklace to give to his wife.

Unfortunately, while trying to prevent Batlin from opening the Wall of Lights, Iolo was possessed a Bane of Chaos and became known as Mad Iolo. His attack upon Fawn was short-lived but incredibly bloody as he killed all the residents of Fawn leaving only Ruggs and Yelinda alive. Fortunately, he was freed by the Avatar and was reunited with Gwenno on Monk Isle. After assisting in restoring the Balance, he was last seen in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise Isle.

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Gwenno A native of Earth and once a companion to the Avatar, she traveled to the Serpent Isle to try and unravel the history of that lost land. Once there she traveled the land extensively, hoping to learn more about the ancient War of Imbalance which had ravaged the land immediately following the time of Exodus in the period historians call the Third Age of Darkness. During her travels, she encountered the race known as the Gwani who where being actively hunted by one known as The Trapper.

During her exploration of the surrounding area, she was possessed by the Bane of Chaos known as Wantoness; and, during an attack by the Trapper allied with Batlin, she sacrificed her life to save the Gwani. Her body did not rest long, as the Avatar recovered her body, and took it to Monk Isle for resurrection. Proving instrumental in unravelling the mysteries of the lost Ophidian Culture, she provided the Avatar with the knowledge to restore the Balance that saved the land. She was last seen on Monk Isle, patiently awaiting her husband Iolo's return.

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Batlin the Sage A native of the forest of Yew, he established the Fellowship in Britannia as a cover to mask the Guardian's attempt to conquer the land. Following the destruction of the Black Gate, he escaped and fled to Serpent Isle along with several residents of Britannia: Leon, Ruggs, Scots, Brunt, Deadeye, Palos, and Kalen. Once there, he began to investigate the War of Imbalance and the destruction it caused to the land, hoping to further the Guardian's plans for conquering Britannia.

Learning that the Avatar had arrived in Serpent Isle, he recruited the mage Selina to help him kill his hated nemesis. After stealing a blackrock serpent from Andral and a serpent jawbone from Ensorcio, he abducted and killed Cantra in order to capture the Bane of Anarchy and assisted in the murder of Gwenno in order to capture the Bane of Wantoness. While attempting to open the Wall of Lights in the Grand Shrine of Order, deep in the Spinebreaker mountains, he was killed by the trapped Banes when his spell failed.

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Leon The leader of the Fellowship, he traveled to Serpent Isle along with Batlin. Once there, he established the Fellowship along the guidelines set forth in Britannia; however, this time without Batlin's evil control it flourished into a beneficial religion to the people of Fawn. The Fellowship was later banished from Fawn by Kylista, the Priestess of Beauty, as she felt in distracted from the true Beauty of the city.

Undaunted, he built a temporary camp outside the walls to continue the Fellowship's teachings. However, soon after it was discovered by his lover, Alyssand, that the Oracle was being controlled by Kylista. After the Avatar unraveled the plot, Leon was reinvited into the city as a spiritual leader. Sadly, his life was cut short when he was killed by Mad Iolo during his vicious attack upon Fawn.

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Ruggs A sailor hired by Batlin to travel with him, Ruggs was the first Britannian the Avatar met in Serpent Isle. Horribly scarred due to a childhood accident, he maintained a noble spirit. Finding himself deeply moved by the teachings of Leon, he tried to follow the ways of the Fellowship and emulate Leon himself. He fell in love with Fawn's herbalist, Delphynia, but was not allowed to enter Fawn due to his appearance.

Nonetheless, he approached the Avatar to carry a personal letter to his love in return for the opportunity to meet his comrade Scots. Ironically, Ruggs was the only person left alive in Fawn after Mad Iolo attacked the city. He was last seen in that shattered place watching over the body of his love.

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Scots A sailor and cartographer hired by Batlin to travel with him, Scots was introduced to the Avatar by his comrade Ruggs. While he himself did not follow the ways of the Fellowship, he resided in the Fellowship camp outside of Fawn, and found the teachings of Leon to be worthy of one's attention. A master mapmaker, he was able to create for the Avatar a fairly accurate rendition of the Serpent Isle by drawing from the knowledge, stories, and maps of local sea travelers. Sadly, his talent and his life were lost during Mad Iolo's attack upon Fawn.

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Brunt One of Batlin's lackeys on his journey to the Grand Shrine of Order. Brunt was the muscle of the group, and even proved his strength to the people of Monitor by defeating their local blacksmith, Standarr, in hand-to-hand combat on the List Field. He was killed by the Avatar while trying to prevent his party from entering the Grand Shrine of Order, in Spinebreaker, and interrupting Batlin's spell to open the Wall of Lights.

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Deadeye One of Batlin's lackeys on his journey to the Grand Shrine of Order. Deadeye was more a trickster than a fighter, preferring cunning over swordplay. He was killed by the Avatar while trying to prevent his party from entering the Grand Shrine of Order, in Spinebreaker, and interrupting Batlin's spell to open the Wall of Lights.

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Palos One of Batlin's lackeys on his journey to the Grand Shrine of Order. Palos joined forces with Batlin to repay the Avatar for all the gargoyle deaths he caused during the time of the False Prophet. Tremendously strong, he had no qualms about crushing the Avatar like an insect. While he traveled the length of Serpent Isle, he wore a hooded cloak to prevent any from guessing his true nature.

This disguise was not entirely effective; however, as the mage Rotoluncia managed to divine his nature, and threatened to kill the Avatar if he would not supply the spell for controlling gargoyles, still considered by those of Serpent Isle as daemons. He was killed by the Avatar while trying to prevent his party from entering the Grand Shrine of Order, in Spinebreaker, and interrupting Batlin's spell to open the Wall of Lights.

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Kalen One of Batlin's lackeys brought to the Serpent Isle. He was a resident of the Fellowship camp outside Fawn run by Leon. While not a member of the Fellowship, Kalen was an assassin for Batlin with specific orders to kill the Avatar on sight. When the Avatar first visited the camp, Kalen was brusque and cold, preferring not to talk to his prey. Later, during a dinner celebration in Fawn, Kalen attacked the Avatar and his party. After a brief struggle, he was killed by the Avatar.

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The Black Sword

The Black Sword Made from the mysterious mineral Blackrock, it was forged upon the Isle of Fire by the Avatar during the time of the Black Gate. This sword was unique in that is served as a prison to the daemon known as Arcadion. Trapped within the Ether Gem, set as the pommel on the sword, the daemon commanded great powers, including the power of Death over the Avatar's enemies. However, by creating the Black Sword, the Avatar became the Master and Slave of the Shade Blade. The sword required the sacrifice of souls in order to maintain its power, and if the Avatar failed to provide a suitable soul, his would become forfeit to the daemon inside.

Upon his arrival in Serpent Isle, the Avatar was struck by a bolt of lightning which teleported most of his possessions away, including the Shade Blade. Later, during his incarceration within the Mountains of Freedom, the Avatar recovered his missing blade, only to discover that he had to free the daemon within in order to destroy a powerful lich. The act of freeing the daemon damaged the blade so badly that the Avatar, acting of the suggestions on Melino and Gustacio of Moonshade, recovered the Flux Analyzer from Vasculio's lair in Skullcrusher to repair the sword. Later, during a fierce battle with the Banes of Chaos, the Avatar used the Black Sword to capture the Banes into Soul Prisms. Sadly, this powerful sword is presumed to have been lost in the Void when the Avatar entered the Wall of Lights in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise Isle.

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