The history of our lands of Britannia are vast; rich in stories, steeped in secrets, shrouded in bloodshed, and born from our mistakes. Learn, gentle reader, so you may better understand our world...


The first to settle Sosaria was a race of beings, known only as the Ancient Ones, who managed to defeat the Daemons that were trying to claim this world as their own. Binding them to their will, some of these beings vanished to a higher state of being, while others became mortal. They settled the land, in harmony with nature and magic.

However, on one fateful day, over half a million years ago, the Xorinite Wisp traded with the mage Zog, giving him the Armageddon spell. Zog was foolish enough to try it. All life died on Sosaria, wiping out every sign of the Ancient Ones. Zog, alone in his empty world, died shortly after.

It would take a long time before life returned to Sosaria, but eventually the land was re-settled by different races, mainly humans. Eight kingdoms surfaced on the four main continents, and civilization started to develop once again.


According to folklore, the young man who would become Lord British was an idealist even during his time on Earth, feeling greatly disappointed with the constant pursuit of wealth and power he saw in those around him. He first crossed over to Sosaria unexpectedly when he discovered a silver amulet in the shape of a serpent during one of his walks in the hills. Upon picking it up, a blue moongate was opened before him, and he stepped through into the Sosarian countryside.

Wandering in his strange new surroundings, the youth came upon Shamino Salle Dacil, who was cutting wood at the time and accidentally struck his own leg with his axe, surprised at the sudden appearance of a stranger. Shamino then healed the wound by means of a simple magical cantrip, inadvertently introducing the young man to the reality of magic. After their initial meeting, the two soon became fast friends. It was Shamino who gave him his name, "British," in reference to the boy's claim that he came from the "British Isles."

Mondain, a young, very troubled, yet very powerful magician and prince, murdered his father, Wolfgang, in jealousy over his elder brother's birthright and out of desire for his father's ruby gem, a powerful artifact capable of harnessing the power of the Sosarian sun. Creating horrible beasts and recruiting bloodthirsty monsters to do his bidding, Mondain came to war with the kingdom of Akalabeth, although his forces were routed by the youthful British, Knight Champion of the White Light.

In exchange for this deed, the now titled Lord British, Protector of Akalabeth, was granted kingship over half of the nation, and put out the word for heroes to come, that the last of Mondain's monstrous creations might be ousted from the land.


In the time before Britannia, the world of Sosaria was formed of four Lands, and were held under a terrible burden. The beginning of the First Age of Darkness is marked by the coming of a sorcerer named Mondain. His father had refused to share his secret of immortality with his son, and their disputes ultimately led to the father's death. Mondain, lusting after limitless power, turned the magic of the Sun Ruby Gem against itself, creating the black Gem of Immortality, such that his life and works might become endless, and he himself became immortal.

This power was not without consequence, as Mondain soon became insane, and plotted to conquer Sosaria as his own. When he turned his power against the kingdoms of Sosaria, the call went forth for a champion to save the lands. As the Hero arrived within the lands to begin the quest, they were greeted by Iolo FitzOwen, a compassionate bard who would travel with the Hero in future adventures. Through much struggle and hardship, the Hero, who later was to become the Avatar, was able to travel back through time to a point before Mondain was immortal. A vicious battle soon raged between the Hero and the sorcerer.

Overcoming Mondain's attacks, the Hero shattered the Gem of Immortality, scattering its pieces across space and time. Deprived of the power of the Gem in the past, the modern Mondain soon felt his mortality as the Hero slew him within his castle walls. However, the death of Mondain was to leave a lasting impression upon the face of Sosaria as three of the four lands were ripped away in a cataclysmic eruption, forever changing the lands. Only the Lands of Lord British were to remain behind.

There were further rumors, that as the Hero destroyed the Gem of Immortality, an infinite number of Sosarias were created in an infinite number of universes. Such a shattered legacy of Mondain's evil would continue evolving along different paths toward different destinies, seperate from that of our own future. Whether prophecy or fool's utterings, none can truly say.


As the Hero destroyed the Gem of Immortality, in a single blinding moment, the Multiverse was born as an infinite number of Sosarias were created in an infinite number of universes. For you see, Mondain had bound the very land to the Gem in an attempt to harness its great power, and although the original Gem was shattered into an infinite number of pieces, each Shard was an exact replica of the original Gem, containing an exact replica of Sosaria within.

While our Sosaria later became Britannia, and was blessed with the presence and wisdom of Lord British and the Avatar, the mirror Sosarias evolved along different paths toward different destinies. And as such, the Multiverse of the Shattered Legacy was born...


Unbeknownst to many, Mondain had taken on an apprentice and paramour: Minax the Enchantress. Enraged by her mentor and lover's death, this sorceress vowed revenge, using her mastery over time to warp the course of humanity on the Stranger's homelands of Earth. Drastically altering Terran history, Minax created a world which ended in the year 2111 A.D., with the foremost nations of the planet obliterating one another in a catastrophic holocaust.

Despite such a grim future, some were able in some way to survive this calamity, through means of magical time doors which opened onto various points in the world's time line, allowing travelers to escape to ages less perilous. Some of these survivors, under the leadership of Lord British, managed to collaborate such as to trace the disaster of the twenty-second century to Minax's interventions from her stronghold, Shadowguard, within the enigmatic Time of Legends.

The Stranger, presumably back on Earth and once more summoned by British's intervention, partook of a desperate mission to destroy Minax. Battling across both time and space to gain the blessing of the mystic Father Antos, and with it the ring necessary to lay siege to Shadowguard, the Hero entered the sorceress's keep and slew her with the Quicksword, Enilno.

Upon her death, the changes which her machinations had wrought faded from existence, and time resumed its normal course. Strangely, as Minax died, the silver Time gates lost their grip on our plane, and have never been seen again.


No one in Sosaria, not even the Hero or our good Lord British, could have foreseen that by ending the lives of Mondain and Minax would set in motion the creation of an even greater evil. Part Daemon and part Machine, a child born of hellfire, he was more powerful than both. His name was Exodus. For twenty years, Exodus gathered information about his enemies, calculating the best way to strike and defeat them all. When no one suspected a third Age of Darkness, Exodus launched his attack.

First, the Isle of Fire rose from the bottom of the Great Ocean, where Exodus located his castle. Ripping the Great Earth Serpent out of the Ethereal Void, he used it to guard his fortress, a vile act which would have bitter consequences later. Then the evil started to feast on Sosaria. Pirate fleets and sea monsters swept clean the seas, while hordes of monsters roamed the land. Exodus himself started to poison the very soul of the land itself, slowly starting to twist it to his bidding. A dark sign was given when a derelict ship was found crewless with the word "Exodus" scrawled in blood upon its deck.

When warned, Lord British wasted no time in summoning the Hero to his cause, and the Stranger returned for a third time. This time, three companions fought at the Hero's side to defeat Exodus. Meeting the Time Lord, the Stranger knew that Exodus couldn't be defeated by normal means. Going to the lost island of Ambrosia, the Stranger recovered the Four Cards. Sailing to the Castle of Fire then, they fought their way through Exodus' guards, before reaching the core of the machine. Inserting the Cards, the Machine exploded, thus being the end of Exodus and the last Age of Darkness.


Following the death of the hellspawn Exodus, the people of Sosaria, weary of hardship and suffering, did unite the local city-states together under the rule of Lord British. In honor of this, the lands were were united to a single kingdom, and renamed Britannia.

And while the kingdom became politically and economically stable again, after all the horrors, something was missing within the people. Lord British finally saw what was wrong. While the material wealth was secured, the people of his kingdom lacked a spiritual path at which they could direct themselves.

Thus, he established the system of the eight Virtues, building the eight shrines, for that they would bring enlightenment to the people and help them through life. Also, he commissioned the construction of the three Great Castles, each dedicated to a Principle: the Lycaeum, to study Truth, Empath Abbey, to guide Love, and Serpent Hold, to foster Courage.

This did not go without conflict, as several groups did not want to accept the new ways the land was going. In the end, the mages of Moon, the warriors of the Montors and the beauty-worshippers of Old Fawn, unwilling to live under Lord British's rule, left Britannia under the nominal leadership of the mage Erstam and traveled to other lands to seek their life.


However, Lord British realized, that the people also needed someone, who would serve them as a role model, living the Virtues, and helping them to understand how the Virtues helped in their lives. An embodiment of the Virtues. A man or woman, who would show the people the boons of a virtuous life. So he called out the Quest of the Avatar: A quest to master all eight Virtues and reach the highest wisdom in Britannia.

Many tried, and while some had partial success, they never reached the goal. Most failed. But the call also reached the Stranger on Earth. Following the call, the Stranger went on the Quest of the Avatar. Becoming a master in all eight Virtues, the Stranger showed the people how to use the Virtues practically, to master life and find inner peace.

The Stranger gathered friends, his faithful Companions of each town, to join in his quest before going on the last part of the quest. Entering the Abyss on what would later be known as the Isle of the Avatar, the Hero reached the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The ancient book gave the final blessing to the Stranger.

Thus did the Champion of Britannia come to earn the title of Avatar, and become the embodiment of all the eight Virtues. The people of Britannia had found their role model for a virtuous life. They themselves had found their spiritual path.


After the Quest of the Avatar, the Great Council drew the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom out of the Abyss, so that it could bring Britannia its wisdom, and enshrined it on the newly formed Isle of the Avatar. Lord British also empowered the Great Council of Mages to seal the dungeons of the lands, after reports of strange creatures began to emerge from these bastions of evil.

However, no one could have known, that these acts would lead to the freeing of the three Shadowlords. Born from three shards of the Gem of Immortality, they personified the three anti-thesis of the Principles: Falsehood, Hatred and Cowardice. They kidnapped Lord British during a expedition in the Underworld, and twisted the mind of Lord Blackthorn, who ruled in Lord British's absence.

Blackthorn, once a virtuous man, became cruel, and installed a tyranny, twisting the virtues into diabolical laws. He outlawed the companions of the Avatar, while installing a inquisition and the Oppression, to suppress any opposition against him. At the same time, the Shadowlords terrorised the cities of Britannia, forcing the people to follow their will like puppets.

It was in this time of need, when the Avatar returned to Britannia. The Avatar fought against the forces of evil, destroying the three Shadowlords after learning how to destroy them once and for all. The hero then travelled into the deepest pocket of the Underworld, dungeon Doom, where Lord British was found, imprisoned by magical means.

Freeing him with the Orb of the Moons, it was the end of the tyranny. Blackthorn, freed now from the forces twisting his mind, chose to leave Britannia forever, to give the people peace and redeem himself, after outside forces had tainted him so much. Britannia was safe once more.


The rescue of Lord British had a tragic effect on the Underworld, causing horrible earthquakes, which, ignited by the clashing magics, started the collapse of many of the underground caverns. After the tremors subsided, the Gargoyles, inhabitants of their own Realm, began to fear for the survival of their race from the fulfillment of a old prophecy, the prophecy of the False Prophet. Two of the three events had taken place; the Codex was gone, and their world was in shambles from upheavals. In great fear that the final prophecy, the destruction of the Gargoyles, would take place, they attacked Britannia.

The war between the human kingdom and the Gargoyles was horrible, with many deaths and bitterness on both sides, but time was against the Gargoyles, as their world continued to collapse more with each day. So finally they tried to lure the Avatar into a trap and sacrifice the hero, to stop the prophecy. The Avatar, restless at home on Earth, was startled by the appearance of a shimmering red moongate, and was suprised to discover an Orb of the Moons nearby. Upon entering the moongate, the Avatar found themselves bound to an ancient table, as the Gargoyles made ready to sacrifice the Hero. However, before the ritual was completed, the Companions freed the Avatar.

Once together in Britannia, the Avatar fought against the Gargoyles, freeing the Shrines, liberating the Moonstones. But then, the truth was revealed: the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was once kept by the Gargoyles, and by removing it from the depths of the Abyss, the Avatar had doomed their race. Feeling obliged to end the war, the Avatar swore to cancel the prophecy or be sacrificed. Meeting the gargoyle king, Draxinusom, the Avatar agreed to bear the Amulet of Submission and to search for a way to save the Gargoyles.

Upon learning that the sacrifice required was that of the Codex itself, the Avatar used the Vortex Cube and the Moonstones to send the Codex into the great Ethereal Void where none could possess it. Two special Lenses were given to Lord British and King Draxinusom, that when properly merged, allowed both kings to learn the truth about each other from it, and the war finally ended with peace. The prophecy had proven to be wrong.


No great disasters followed in the 200 years following the Gargoyle war, although Britannia faced its own troubles.

Skara Brae was lost through a terrible destructive fire, and the city then declared off-limits, after it was revealed that a Liche now ruled over it. Minor internal wars were fought, albeit without much danger to the kingdom. Britannia and its people, deprived of the guidance of the Avatar, slipped further and further away from the Virtues and Principles.

180 years later, the Fellowship was founded. A seven year long drought ruined many farmers in Britannia. Magic became less and less reliable, mages became insane, and the legacy of magic was being left behind. The noble Shrines of the Virtues were left to rot and decay within the wilderness, and as the land decended further into danger, the time approached for a new evil to arise.


Following the rise of the Fellowship, the Avatar returned to Britannia in this seeming time of peace, to follow the lead of a series of brutal murders. Joining with his old Companion, Iolo, the Avatar set upon a quest to find the killer. Learning more of the Fellowship, the Avatar travelled to Britain, where he met with its founder, Batlin the sage, who unknown to all, was secretly a minion of the Guardian, an interdimensional being set upon conquering Britannia.

Contacting the Time Lord, the Avatar learned the whole truth of what had happened. It was the Guardian, with the help of three generators, who disrupted magic and the moongates in Britannia, weakening the land for his take-over. The Avatar destroyed the generators, restoring magic, but destroying the moongates in the process. Then the Avatar traveled to the Isle of the Avatar, to destroy the Black Gate, with which the Guardian wanted to enter Britannia.

After an epic battle, the Avatar and the companions killed the inner circle of the Fellowship, but Batlin escaped his fate. The Avatar was faced with a choice: to destroy the interdimensional Black Gate, and thus stop the Guardian from entering the lands; or to use the Black Gate to return home to Earth, as the moongates he had valued for centuries had suddenly become useless.

Ultimately, the Guardian was stopped, and the Gate destroyed. But the Avatar was stranded in Britannia, and the Guardian was still very active, swearing to come back and end what he had begun. The Fellowship became outlawed, when it became known that they were tools of the Guardian. With a heavy heart, the Avatar knew the quest would continue.

Following the disbandment of the Fellowship by Lord British, a magical scroll was found that led Batlin's trail to a place known as the Serpent Isle. Vowing to stop Batlin's evil plans, the Avatar traveled together with Iolo, Shamino and Dupre to the mystical Serpent Pillars, and were instantly transported to the Serpent Isle, once known as the Lands of Danger and Despair. Shortly after that, the Imbalance storms started in Britannia.

The Avatar was astonished to find the missing peoples of Moon, Fawn, and the Montors within this once familiar land, as well as the missing Castle of Lord Shamino, now in ruins. Tracking Batlin deep into the frozen northern wastelands, the Avatar arrived too late to prevent Batlin from releasing the Banes of Chaos, who captured and overtook the minds of the Avatar's Companions. Under their control, Dupre, Iolo, and Shamino ravaged the Serpent Isle, killing most of the residents.

In his quest to restore his old comrades, the Avatar learned of an ancient culture that had lived centuries before. These Ophidians worshipped three Great Serpents, and had lived peacefully until the time of the Third Age of Darkness when Exodus captured the Great Earth Serpent for his own purposes. Unknown to all, this caused the Serpents of Chaos and Order to fight one another and plunged the very universe into Imbalance.

The crisis on the Serpent Isle threatened to destroy Britannia as well. The teleport storms caused much destruction and damage, the Gargoyles all fell into a deep, unnatural sleep and the Emps start to die out because of the Imbalance. Alerted to this danger, the Avatar was able to rescue his friends and restore the Balance to the lands, sadly at the cost of Sir Dupre's brave sacrifice to restore the Chaos Serpent.

Thankfully, in the end, the terrible storms were stopped by the Avatar, who restored balance to the worlds, but Britannia would need a long time to recover from them. Following this brave act, the Avatar was captured by the evil Guardian within the Ethereal Void.


The Guardian, furious at his intervention in Britannia and the Serpent Isle, banished the Avatar to the world of Pagan, a realm already under the Guardian's control. Arriving upon the shores of that land, the Avatar sought a way to return to Britannia. His struggle was long and difficult as the Avatar learned of his true destiny, to become the Titan of Ether.

Learning of an ancient temple once within Pagan, the Avatar gathered together five pieces of Blackrock to capture and contain the four Titans of Pagan. Mastering the magics of Necromancy, Tempestry, Theurgy, and Sorcery, the Avatar stole the other Titans' power, and emerged as the Titan of Ether. Using the Blackrock pieces, he was able to recreate a Black Gate, thus opening a path back to Britannia...


Following the bansihment of the Avatar to the exiled land of Pagan, the Guardian caused eight Blackrock pillars to arise from the shattered remains of the Shrines of Virtue, each with their corresponding Rune corrupted into a twisted Glyph that poisoned the people of Britannia. Lord British, sinking further and further into despair, retreated from his duties to the lands.

Nearly 20 years later, acting on the advice of Hawkwind the Time Lord, the Avatar returned to Britannia, only to see the keep of the Guardian looming above the isle of Terfin. Narrowly rescued from death, the Avatar began his quest within Stonegate, once-home to the Shadowlords. Meeting with Lord British, the Avatar set forth on his final quest to save Britannia from its enemies, and as he traveled, he met old friends and enemies, as well as new friends and allies, and as each Shrine of Virtue was restored, he came that much closer to defeating the Guardian.

Finally, nearing the end of his quest, the Avatar learned the true nature of the Guardian. Following the events of the First Age of Enlightenment, the Avatar, having purged all evil from his being, accepted the title and responsibility of Avatarhood. This residual evil later coalesed into what was to become the Guardian, an anti-avatar of the Virtues, bent on destroying the lands of Britannia. With the Runes and Sigils of Virtues at hand, the Avatar traveled to the Guardian's stronghold on Terfin and cast the forbidden spell of Armageddon.

Sacrificing his life for the sake of Britannia, the Avatar destroyed the Guardian and ascended into the heavens, bringing peace and prosperity back to the shattered lands.


After the events of the False Prophet, a knight named Sir Cabirus attempted to create a utopian colony inside the Great Stygian Abyss. Following the Eight Virtues as his guide, Sir Cabirus wished to create a ninth colony that embodied all of the virtues. To achieve this, he united diverse cultures and races in peaceful co-existence and planned to promote harmony by giving each group one of eight virtue-imbued magical artifacts. However, he died before distributing the artifacts, and left no instructions for doing so. As a result, the colony collapsed into anarchy and war, and the artifacts were lost. With the death of Cabrius, the Abyss colony fractured into groups of humans, goblins, trolls and others.

During this dark time, the Abyss-dwelling wizard brothers Garamon and Tyball accidentally summon a demon, the Slasher of Veils, while experimenting with inter-dimensional travel. Garamon is used as bait to lure the demon into a room imbued with virtue. However, the demon offers Tyball great power if he betrays Garamon. Tyball agrees, but the betrayal fails; Garamon is killed, but seals the demon inside the room. Because he lacks virtue, Tyball cannot re-enter by himself, and plans to sacrifice Baron Almric's daughter, Arial, at the doorway to gain entrance.

During the Avatar's slumber, the ghost of Garamon haunts the Avatar's dreams with warnings of a great danger in Britannia. The Avatar allows Garamon to return him there, where he watches Tyball kidnap Arial. Tyball escapes, leaving the Avatar to be caught by the Baron's guards. The guards take him to the Baron, who banishes him to the Great Stygian Abyss to rescue Arial. Through great struggle and adventures, the Avatar explores the dungeon and finds the remnants of Cabirus's colony. The Avatar eventually defeats Tyball and frees Arial.

However, as he dies, Tyball reveals that he had decided to contain the Slasher of Veils, whose prison he had been weakening, within Arial as a way to prevent it from destroying the world. Arial asks the Avatar to prevent the Slasher of Veils from being unleashed, and magically teleports back to the surface to evacuate its inhabitants. With help from Garamon's ghost, the Avatar gathers the eight talismans of Cabirus and throws them in the volcano at the base of the Abyss; the energy they release allows Garamon to open a portal that will send the Slasher of Veils into another dimension. The Avatar is transported through the portal into a chaotic alternate dimension, but escapes back to the Isle of the Avatar and makes it on board the Baron's ship as the volcano erupts. As the survivors sail to safety, Garamon's spirit reveals that he teleported the inhabitants of the Abyss to another cave.

One year after the events of the Black Gate, the Avatar and citizens of Britannia attended a celebration at the castle of Lord British. However, they are trapped when a large dome of impenetrable Blackrock covers the castle. The Guardian plans to attack Britannia while the Avatar and his companions are trapped, and threatens that those who do not surrender will be left to die in the dome. Searching the sewers beneath the castle, the Avatar locates a smaller Blackrock crystal that leads to alternate dimensions. The magic used by the Guardian to seal the castle caused interdimensional portals to open between eight parallel worlds, each of which is a "center" for the Guardian's power across dimensions. The denizens of these dimensions are ruled by the Guardian, and the Avatar must free each world to weaken the Guardian's power over Lord British's castle and elsewhere.

The first dimension visited by the Avatar is a prison tower in "Fyrna", which has been conquered by goblins led by the Guardian. There, the Avatar rescued a human resistance leader named Bishop, who then returns to lead a rebellion against the Guardian. Next, the Avatar visited Killorn Keep, a floating fortress in a different dimension. Altara, a sorceress in Killorn Keep who is allied with Bishop, warns the Avatar that the Guardian has hidden a magical spy beneath the castle in Britannia. She provides a special dagger with which to kill it. After removing the spy, the Avatar visited a dimension of ice caves: the remnants of a civilization destroyed by the Guardian, now ruled by a ghost named Beatrice. The Avatar returns to the castle and finds that Lady Tory has been murdered by the traitor. The next dimension is Talorus, a world inhabited by energy beings called "Talorids" that each serve a single purpose, such as knowing only the past or producing runestones. Talorids are created to serve the Guardian, but the Avatar destroys and replaces the sole reproductive Talorid to free the race.

The Avatar completes a series of tests at Scintillus Academy, a mage school whose staff was killed by the Guardian. Afterwards, the Avatar traveled to the Pits of Carnage, a subterranean prison on a world where the Guardian trains soldiers to attack other dimensions; and to the Tomb of Praecor Loth, where a king killed in a war with the Guardian is buried. Finally, the Avatar visited the Ethereal Void, a strange world with floating, glowing pathways. Eventually, the Avatar discovered that Mayor Patterson is the traitor, and destroys the Blackrock dome using the power of the Horn of Praecor Loth.


After the events of the False Prophet, the Avatar is transported by a friend's failed experiment with an obsidian "moonstone" to the otherworldly Valley of Eodon, a large jungle-like world filled with various tribes. These tribes have been magically drawn from varying periods and locations in history, such as the aboriginal nations of Mesoamerica and tropical Africa. The valley of Eodon is actually on Earth, but it is inaccessible and unmappable.

At the time of the arrival of the Avatar, the place is under attack from the insect-like Myrmidex. The Avatar needs to understand and master some aspects of their stone-age tribal culture and their "jungle magic" to find a way to bring peace to the valley. The Avatar eventually convinces all thirteen tribes to join in an alliance against the Myrmidex. Each tribe has its own demands before joining, ranging from defeating a Tyrannosaurus Rex to recovering their holy statue. This mixture of worlds was created by a huge corrupted moonstone that the Myrmidex possess, which has to be destroyed to prevent it collapsing in instability.

After the events in the Savage Empire, the Avatar is visited by a strange red-haired woman that gives a book to him and his friend Dr. Spector. The book will eventually be written by Spector himself, and explains how to use the Orb of the Moons to travel through time. Following instructions, the duo ends up in the Victorian Era, where Percival Lowell has set up a space cannon that will launch some volunteers to Mars.

Through an act of sabotage, the cannon is fired during the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, with several dozen famous people and leaders of the time on board. A second cannon is prepared to find and recover the people in the first, who are now stranded on Mars.

Some of the people appear to have gone insane after using a device called the Dream Machine. What in fact happened was that, after massive soil poisoning, the original Martians had gone into a sort of alternate dimension called "dreamspace" to preserve themselves. Those people using the Dream Machine found themselves trapped in dreamspace, while the Martians took over their bodies.

Eventually, robotic bodies can be created for the Martians, since their plantamal bodies won't grow. After a showdown with the evil Raxachk, who caused the soil pollution in the first place, all Victorians can once more go home.


History passes into legend, and former lands fade into memory. Yet rumor arises of a fallen Lord walking new kingdoms, and that Britannia may be born anew...

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