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The Banishment of Lord Blackthorn

One of the most interesting things about using FUSE (Fallo's Ultima Online Server Engine) is the ability to create and maintain the world in which you travel. I'd like to share one such world I created in my journeys...

Here's a familiar sight to anyone that's played Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny...

Following his release from the dungeons of the Underworld, and the defeat of the Shadowlords of Hatred, Falsehood, and Cowardice, Lord British stands facing Lord Blackthorn, puppet and slave to the Shadowlords' evil.
Blackthorn looks upon Lord British without hatred, without even surprise, but with a passive calmness, as would a prisoner awaiting the sentence of hanging.

"Thy deeds were black, yet thy punishment is not mine to give." Lord British speaks gently to the remnant of a man who was once King. "The evil of thy reign did not begin within thy heart, though there it must be ended. I have no wish to see thee die for having been ensnared by dark powers that took thy will from thee."

"Instead, I offer thee a choice. Thou canst return to Castle Britannia with me, and accept the trial and verdict of the Great Council. Or..."

Lord British holds aloft the Orb of the Moons. He does not appear to focus his will upon it as he did in the dungeon, but instead he closes his eyes and tosses the Orb carelessly into the air. The red gate springs up where it lands.

"...thou canst enter this Gate, and live thy life in exile in a place that neither I nor thee hath ever seen."

Blackthorn rises slowly, tiredly, and stands to face Lord British. He lifts his head as if to speak, but pauses instead, holding the True King's gaze with an unreadable expression. Finally he turns away and gathers the folds of his cloak around him. Without so much as a last glance over the shoulder, Blackthorn steps through the gate and is gone.

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