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From - Thu Apr 23 19:54:45 1998
From: Houston Dragon (
Subject: The Death of Alai Daggerhold, Great Lord of Moonglow
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998
Organization: --=(UDIC)==-

To all who play, or have quit UO, I bid the lands and thee a fond farewell. Today marked the last day the Great Lord Alai Daggerhold walked Britannia. I joined UO in Feburary, and for a time, enjoyed my travels. Here was Britannia, land of my dreams, filled with the Virtues and townships I had visited often before. But, this is not Britannia, but rather a pale reflection seen through a shattered mirror. The Virtues are gone, the towns empty of the people and heritage I miss very much. In place of my Companions, I find a people filled with greed and hatred... I find humanity itself staring at me from my computer screen, and I am saddened by the sight. In a way, I played Ultima Online as an escape from the evils and suffering our world contains. For what is this game to be other than a fantasy; an illusion of what is not? No, this Britannia mirrors our world far too closely for my tastes.
I read the newsgroup postings; their headers as grim as the headlines I see in the newspapers. Murder, theft, assault, pain, agony, and misery. 'What a piece of work is Man!' said Hamlet, and it was not said in praise, but in anger and irony at what we have become. Forgive me if I seem to preach, or seem bitter, but life is too full of pain and struggles without enduring more for the sake of a few heartless and cruel jackels. No more! The far worse sin I see, however, is not the player-killers, the thieves, the incorrigables we encounter throughout the lands, but in the very creators and maintainers of this game. It is they that allow this to continue; it is they that preach about their TOS to players, yet ignore them when others abuse and discard them. And so, I have cancelled my account, and can only hope that if in some small way this action harms EA and Origin, they may someday correct their actions.
Formerly- The Great Lord Alai Daggerhold; GL Shard
1st Lt. John 'FireBird' Hosie - TCS Midway, Wolfpack squadron leader
"Again I know the freedom--the ecstasy--of flight!"
Houston Dragon -==(UDIC)==-
"Every man dies... not every man really lives" - Braveheart
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