The Virtues of the Guardian

The Virtues were established by the Guardian in the strange parallel world of Killorn Keep. There the people, ruled by Lord Thibris in the Guardian's name, are held in an iron grip. No dissention is allowed, yet there are a few noble beings that fight against the Guardian's tyranny.

During the crisis on Britannia, when the Guardian encased Castle British within a Blackrock prison, the Avatar travelled to this world, and met many who supported his cause. Through a great struggle, the Avatar broke the Guardian's spell upon the world. The process of healing; however, is long in the coming.


Sobriety is the state all followers of the Guardian should maintain. It is one free of any chemical or magical substances that may impede the Inner Voice from being heard.

Symbol: Empty Bottle


Punctuality is a habit to be formed by all those who call the Guardian their Master. It is the commitment to being prepared on a moment's notice to carry out the Guardian's orders.

Symbol: Clock


Obedience is something required of all the Guardian's servants. It is complete submission to any and all the Guardian's demands and wants.

Symbol: Closed Fist


Vigilance is the constant state of mind any servant of the Guardian should maintain. It is the backbone of the Guardian's defenses, to watch for foreign and domestic foes.

Symbol: Open Eye


Conformity is complete acceptance of all the Guardian's beliefs and values. It is the lack of desire to suceed or surpass any person's accomplishments or ideas.

Symbol: Guardian Mask


Efficiency is the prevention of any waste. It applies to every function of life, from food, energy, money, even lives.

Symbol: Abacus


Silence is the need for all the Guardian's servants to not speak against the order. It is essential for the stability and safety of our world.

Symbol: Closed Mouth


Diligence is the ability to seek out a goal and continue toward it. It is especially important to the armies of the Guardian to ensure victory.

Symbol: Sword

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