Who's Who: The Tale of Houston Dragon
Houston Dragon
O'ostan E'Rashidi
Houston Dragon

A magnificent creature of black, with eyes of the brightest red, Houston, or Oo'stan E'Rashidi, his true name, likes to roast unsuspecting trolls and goblins as he flies across the countryside of Britannia. His breed of dragon doesn't possess any spell weapons, relying on their quick wits, fiery blasts and fierce claws to get them through any trouble.

His family was of the Rashidi brood, followers of Truth who were killed by rogue knights out hunting. He managed to survive the attack by changing his shape to human form, and grew to adulthood in Moonglow among the mages there. Learning to be a skillful mage, he abandoned his magical learnings to pursue the life of a bard in hopes of finding adventure. During a battle, he was struck a fiercesome blow, and lost his memories of being a dragon. He travelled the length of Britannia searching for something, but he couldn't remember what it was he sought, his only clue a claw husk he found among his possesions.

It was many years later, when upon arriving in Britain, he met the master bard, Iolo FitzOwen. Demonstrating his skill, Iolo invited him to visit Lord British to perform for him. Elated by the honor, Houston agreed. It was in the throne room, as he was being introduced, that Lord British noticed a scar across his temple. 'Thou art wounded, and as my guest, allow me to heal thee.' British then cast Restoration. 'VAS MANI,' he intoned. With a flash of ether, the wound was healed and Houston's memory restored. With a great roar, he transformed himself into his natural form. Sufficed to say, this did not go well for the court. Cracks ran across the walls as his massive 50 foot frame filled the throne room beyond its capacity. Startled into action, British's personal guards ran forward intent on protecting the king. Realizing his mistake, Houston quickly shifted to human form, ran to the courtyard, and launched himself into the sky. Knowing he would no longer be welcome at the Castle, he decided to remain as a dragon. In later years, he stumbled upon a Serpent necklace, similar to the one worn by Lord British. By using it, he weyrs on Earth, but has since fled the City of his name due to troubles within. He has found a new home in a place called Atlanta, but travels between worlds frequently.

However when Houston's not busy making troll-ala-flambe (because, hey, they're hard to pick out of your teeth), he disguises himself as a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, though has been known to weyr in other locations as necessary. He recently wed his wife Lizity (Elizabeth Gower) and returned to his old haunts to spend time in the company of fellow Dragons, while also enjoying the madhouse of their two dogs and three cats.

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