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The Descendents of the Silver Pirate; The Residents of The Sleeping Bull Inn

Devra / Argus / Wilfred / Byrin / Captain Hawk / Kane / Edrin / Selina / Ensorcio


Devra Owner of the Sleeping Bull Inn and mother of Argus and Wilfred, Devra was the wife of Angus, the previous owner, who was killed by a lightning storm. A pleasant woman, she met the Avatar when he came to the Sleeping Bull Inn seeking passage to Moonshade. Sadly, she was killed by the Wantoness Bane when it attacked the inn.

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Argus Formerly a Knight of Monitor in the Wolf Clan, Argus returned to the Sleeping Bull Inn after the death of his father to help his mother, Devra, run things. He was the brother of Wilfred, although the relationship between the two brothers was a bit strained. Accused of taking a bribe to kill a fellow Knight, Argus was cleared of the charges by Templar of Monitor. While a sturdy warrior, he was killed when the Wantoness Bane attacked the Sleeping Bull Inn.

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Wilfred Knight of the Bear Clan of Monitor and brother of Argus, Wilfred is the son of Devra. After his father was killed, Wilfred abandoned his duties as a Knight of Monitor, and began searching for the killer. After meeting up with the Avatar, he provided some background on Batlin, his main suspect. Following the Wantoness Bane's attack on the Sleeping Bull Inn, Wilfred joined forces with the Avatar to help restore the Balance to the lands. He was last seen in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise after the Avatar entered the Wall of Lights.

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Byrin Bard for the Sleeping Bull Inn, Byrin regaled the customers with stories and songs of the land of Serpent Isle. When the Avatar arrived, he passed on some useful information about the areas the Avatar would journey to; including the lost castle of Lord Shamino. Interestingly, during the Avatar's trip into the Dream Realm, Byrin appeared in a bizarre copy of the Sleeping Bull to give advice on how to leave the realm. Sadly, Byrin's songs and stories are heard no more as he was killed by the Wantoness Bane when it attacked the inn.

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Captain Hawk

Captain Hawk Captain of the Arabella, Hawk was a seafaring man who enjoyed sailing the open seas of Serpent Isle. Unfortunately, with the increase in magical storms, Hawk was unable to sail as much as he liked for fear of sinking his ship. When the Avatar arrived at the Sleeping Bull Inn looking for passage to Moonshade, Hawk had been imprisoned at the nearby Bull Tower. The pikemen there had jailed him in response to a complaint from Flindo, a traveling merchant.

Once freed by the Avatar, Hawk sailed toward Moonshade but his ship was beached by a massive storm. When Shamino the Anarch attacked Moonshade, Hawk was killed. The Avatar was able to recover the ancient Serpent Crown from Hawk's hidden treasure trove when he discovered a map in the late captain's room.

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Kane A simple farmhand at the Sleeping Bull Inn, Kane sought passage to Moonshade in hopes of having the mages there locate his missing brother, Edrin. Once the Avatar freed Captain Hawk from his imprisonment in Bull Tower, Kane was able to travel to Moonshade; he remained there until Shamino the Anarch attacked the city and killed him.

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Edrin A shepherd from Fawn and brother to Kane, Edrin was struck by lightning while out in an Imbalance Storm. The lightning transformed him into a parrot, which his brother Kane named Ale. He remained trapped in that rather silly form until the Avatar, during an experiment for the mage Gustacio of Moonshade, restored Edrin back to his human form. Oddly, during the Avatar's journey into the Dream Realm, Edrin appeared to say goodbye to Siranush after the Avatar defeated Rabindrinath. Edrin remained in Moonshade with his brother awaiting passage, until Shamino the Anarch attacked the city and killed him.

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Selina Sister of Lydia of Monitor, Selina was actually a mage from Moonshade who was hired by Batlin to lure the Avatar into a trap. Learning that the pikemen of Bull Tower wanted a huge ransom for the release of Captain Hawk, Selina approached the Avatar about a mysterious building that had appeared north of the Sleeping Bull.

This was the Britannian Mint, ripped away from Britannia and transported to the Serpent Isle by one of the Imbalance Storms. Once the Avatar arrived at the Mint, Selina teleported away leaving the Avatar to face an army of thugs hired by Batlin to kill him. Later, while Batlin attempted to open the Wall of Lights in the Grand Shrine of Order, deep within the Spinebreaker Mountains, Selina was killed by the Avatar.

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Ensorcio An exiled mage from Moonshade, Ensorcio was once the student of Vasculio, the mage executed for forbidden research. Banished from Moonshade by Filbercio, Ensorcio harbored a deep grudge against all who would approach him. After some prodding by the Avatar, he admitted to having met the sage Batlin, who had stolen a serpent jawbone from him. Sadly, Ensorcio was killed during the Wantoness Bane's attack upon the Sleeping Bull Inn.

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