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The Scholars of the Land; The Xenkans of Monk Isle

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Xenka Founder of the Monks of Xenka, Xenka was originally the wife of a Moonshade Mage when she began to see visions. These visions foretold the eventual destruction of the Serpent Isle unless it was stopped by the one she referred to as 'The Stranger from Another World'. The Mages of Moonshade, thinking she was simply insane, banished her from their city for spreading her visions to others. Sadly, she sailed to what is now known as Monk Isle and established a monastery there so that others might come to study her visions. In a manner unknown, she left the physical world suddenly. It was centuries later when the Avatar, completing the tasks set before him, managed to call Xenka back into the world.

Once there, she explained the true history of Serpent Isle: The Mages of Moon, unhappy with having to follow the Virtues of Lord British, managed to convince the people of Montors and Fawn to leave Sosaria with them. When they arrived on Serpent Isle, they were able to lie and cheat people without accountability. Xenka then instructed the Avatar in the tasks yet to come to save the Balance: He would need to speak to the Great Hierophant of Balance and the Hierophant of Chaos. Once that was done, it was learned that a sacrifice would need to be made to rejoin the Chaos Serpent. The Avatar was selected to give his life, but before he could, Sir Dupre sacrificed himself. Once the Chaos Serpent was recreated, the Avatar traveled to Sunrise Isle and restored the Great Earth Serpent and thus restored the Balance. Xenka's tasks are done, but she remains on Monk Isle to guide her followers there.

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Karnax A Xenkan Monk, Karnax acted as an unoffical leader to the Monks of Xenka. A knowledgeable person, Karnax studied the works of Xenka for most of his adult life and researched much about the lost Ophidian Culture. He was against aiding the Avatar, as he felt by the writings that any such aid might worsen the Imbalance that gripped the lands. Another Monk of Xenka, Thoxa, disagreed with him and was there to greet the Avatar when he arrived to the Serpent Isle. Undaunted, Karnax teleported there and attacked Thoxa, hoping to drive her away from the Avatar before any damage could be done. Later, when the Avatar arrived on Monk Isle, Karnax explained his actions and apologized for putting the Avatar in harm's way.

He then presented the Avatar with the Amulet of Balance, an ancient relic that Miggim, the monastery librarian, had uncovered. Using the Amulet near one of the ancient Serpent Gates, the Avatar was teleported back in time to a point during the ancient War of Imbalance. Once there, the Avatar, who was known as the Champion of Balance, a title given to those who served the Great Hierophant of Balance, was instructed by Isstanar, an Order Automaton, to recover and plant the Silver Seed to grow the Tree of Balance. After Xenka returned to Monk Isle, it was learned that the Monks of Xenka were supposed to have helped the Avatar from the moment he arrived. Luckily, the Avatar was able to restore the Balance and save the lands. Karnax no longer leads the Monks of Xenka, but remains a dependable member of the Order.

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Thoxa A Xenkan Monk, Thoxa was raised on Monk Isle and was a follower of Xenka for her entire life. Studying Xenka's words, Thoxa was convinced that Karnax's decision not to aid the Avatar when he arrived would cause the destruction of Serpent Isle. When she approached Karnax with her findings, he ordered her locked in her room. Undaunted, she escaped and traveled to meet the Avatar just as he arrived in the land. Presenting him with a powerful artifact, the Hourglass of Fate, Thoxa explained the danger facing the lands, and asked for the Avatar's assistance.

It was then that Karnax arrived and attacked her, hoping to drive her away. Encasing the Avatar in a protective fire ring, she fought back and managed to drive Karnax away. Following Xenka's return to Monk Isle, Thoxa's findings were proven true, and the Avatar, thanks to her help, restored the Balance to the lands. Thoxa remains on Monk Isle, continuing to follow Xenka's works.

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Miggim A Xenkan Monk and librarian for the Monastery of Xenka, Miggim was an intelligent and well-read individual. Having followed Xenka's works since he was a child, Miggim agreed with Thoxa's decision to aid the Avatar. After uncovering the ancient Amulet of Balance from the monastery basement, he instructed the Avatar about what he knew of the ancient Ophidian culture. Later, during the Avatar's quest to capture the Banes of Chaos, Miggim offered the Avatar a tome detailing the different Ophidian Temples. Now that the Balance has been restored, Miggim remains on Monk Isle hoping to learn more now that Xenka has returned.

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Draxta A Xenkan Monk and the Seer of Visions on Monk Isle, Draxta was a follower of Xenka since he was a child. Gifted with the same talent as Xenka, Draxta could see visions of what was to come. While not always completely accurate, they proved helpful to the Avatar when he needed to gather the Water from the ancient Temple of Discipline. The vision showed the Avatar switching bodies with Petra of Moonshade, an automaton who could then survive the acid to get to the Water. When Xenka returned to Monk Isle, Draxta relinquished the role of Seer, but remains on the Isle to study Xenka's new visions.

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Braccus A Xenkan Monk and the caretaker of the swamps on Monk Isle, Braccus was a bit of an enigma. While a follower of Xenka, it was rumored that he was in fact Lord Blackthorn, banished by Lord British from Britannia to the Serpent Isle. This claim is supported further by a tome within the library of the monastery. In any event, Braccus proved helpful to the Avatar by helping him locate fresh mandrake roots for Fedabiblio of Moonshade to get a new spellbook. Now that Xenka has returned to Monk Isle, Braccus remains a sturdy follower, but one wonders if seeing the Avatar hasn't turned his attentions toward Britannia...

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