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The Warriors of Serpent Isle; the Clans of Monitor

The Leopard Clan
Lord Marsten / Spektor / Shazzana / Andral / Standarr / Harnna / Cantra

The Wolf Clan
Brendann / Krayg / Lucilla / Cellia / Renfry / Shmed

The Bear Clan
Caladin / Templar / Luther / Lydia / Simon

Lord Marsten

Lord Marsten Captain of the Leopard Clan and Lord of Monitor, Lord Marsten first met the Avatar during the funeral for the Champion Knight, Astrid, who had been killed in a goblin raid led by the goblin king Pomdirgun. The Avatar had been brought to him to explain the appearance of his friend Iolo, who had been hit by lightning and teleported into the center of town. After listening to the Avatar's story, Lord Marsten insisted the Avatar take the Test of Knighthood in order to free his friend.

Later, the Avatar raided the goblin camp to recover the lost Helm of Courage. During that mission, he uncovered evidence showing that both Lord Marsten and Spektor were traitors and were responsible for Astrid's death. It was also later discovered that they were responsible for the death of Cantra's father, who accidentally discovered a hidden cache of explosives belonging to Lord Marsten that had been created by Standarr. Later, Marsten was killed by his former allies when the goblins overran the city of Monitor.

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Spektor Knight of the Leopard Clan and Treasurer of Monitor, Spektor also met Avatar during the funeral for Astrid, the Champion Knight. Although a knight, Spektor never trained or fought on List Field, and had an infatuation with Lucilla. Later, during the Avatar's quest to recover the Helm of Courage, it was proven that he aided Lord Marsten in his betrayal to the goblins. Once incarcerated, he confessed to having stolen from the city treasury and to the murder of Cantra's father. Later, when the goblins overran the city, Spektor was killed.

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Andral Knight of the Leopard Clan and artist for the city of Monitor, Andral was not much of a Knight, but was a gifted sculptor who created breathtaking statues of Monitor's famous Knights. After the Avatar arrived in Serpent Isle, Andral informed him that an ancient relic, a serpent made from a black stone, had been stolen by a traveling scholar. Upon learning that it was Batlin who was responsible, the Avatar chased after the villain. Sadly, Andral's talent was lost when the goblins sacked the city of Monitor.

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Shazzana Knight of the Leopard Clan and Trainer of Dexterity and Combat skills, Shazzana was a skilled and capable fighter. Primarily focusing all her attention on training, she did offer useful information to the Avatar. During the goblin occupation of Monitor, Shazzana fought a spirited defense, but sadly, lost her life on the field of battle.

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Standarr Knight of the Leopard Clan and blacksmith of Monitor, Standarr was a well-regarded knight and craftsman on the community. He created the White Breastplate of Beauty for Priestess Kylista of Fawn, and was very knowledgeable about the land of Serpent Isle. When the goblins overran the city, Standarr was killed in the ensuing battle.

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Harnna Knight of the Leopard Clan and mother of Cantra, Harnna was a widow who made her living raising vegetables. Following the Avatar's arrival in Serpent Isle, she offered many useful clues about the strange items he found in his travels; and after her daughter was kidnapped by the evil Batlin, sent the Avatar on a quest to find her. After the evidence against Lord Marsten came to light, it was discovered that her husband had been killed by the traitors when he discovered their secret. When the goblins attacked the city of Monitor, she was the only survivor of that terrible raid.

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Cantra Daughter of Harnna and a Knight of Monitor-in-training, Cantra provided the Avatar with helpful clues about the Test of Knighthood; unfortunately, during the Avatar's initiation into knighthood, the evil Batlin, aware that Cantra was a shell for the Bane of Chaos known as Anarchy, kidnapped her and took her to Lord Shamino's Castle deep within the Great Northern Forest. After a brief struggle, she was killed by Batlin and later taken to Monk Isle for resurrection. Sadly, the force of the Chaos Bane twisted her mind and made her insane. She remains in the care of the monks there in hopes of a cure.

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Brendann Captain of the Wolf Clan and Trainer of Combat and Dexterity skills, Brendann was an inspiration to all the Knights in his Command. As the commander of the Wolves, he instructed the Avatar ways of Monitor. As Wolf Captain, Brendann was one of the three ruling Knights of Monitor and helped run the details of the great city. Sadly, following the arrest of Lord Marsten for treason, Brendann was killed while defending his city during its invasion by the goblin horde.

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Krayg Knight of the Wolf Clan and provisioner to the city of Monitor, Krayg was injured as a young man during one of his Tests of Courage. Crippled by the injury, he withdrew from the fighting on List Field and turned his interests toward the ancient Ophidian ruins covering the lands. Discovering that Monitor was built atop one of the ancient Serpent Gates, he told the Avatar of his knowledge of the lands. During the suspicion of a traitor in Monitor, Krayg was accused but was able to help the Avatar prove that Simon was the true culprit. During the goblin invasion of Monitor, Krayg was killed while defending the city.

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Lucilla Knight of the Wolf Clan and owner of the Slashing Sword Pub, Lucilla was a lusty wench who had much experience in battles of a different kind, the ways of love. She was, however, to provide the Avatar with some useful information about the city of Monitor and its residents. Following the recovery of the Helm of Courage by the Avatar, Lucilla confessed to having an affair with Spektor and provided the Avatar with the key to Lord Marsten's secret storeroom. Sadly, her life was cut short when the goblins sacked the great city of Monitor.

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Cellia Knight of the Wolf Clan and furrier for Monitor, Cellia was responsible for outfitting the Knights of Monitor with their Cloak of Knighthood. This Cloak, made from the slain totem animal from their Test of Knighthood, was one of the Knights' greatest possesions. Following the Avatar's Test, she created for him a stunning wolf cloak for him to wear. She also provided the Avatar with information on a small fur cap which he had found during his travels, which turned out to be owned by the sorceress Frigidazzi. She was killed during the invasion of Monitor by the vicious goblin horde.

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Renfry Knight of the Wolf Clan and cremator for Monitor, Renfry was responsible for the proper cremation of a deceased Knight of Monitor into the Ashes of the Dead. These Ashes were then placed into the Crypts of Honor, a burial ground set beneath the city. While a bit absent-minded, Renfry was a valued member of the community and was quite knowledgeable about some of the mysterious items that the Avatar aquired during his travels in Serpent Isle. Sadly, he was killed when the goblins sacked the city of Monitor.

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Shmed Knight of the Wolf Clan and Master of the Test of Knighthood, Shmed was responsible for administering and maintaining the Test of Knighthood, a series of challenges designed to test an initiate's resolve and courage. Secretly the lover of Lydia, Shmed rigged the Avatar's test to be lethal by adding magical explosions, gremlins, a Cyclops, and even an invisible man! Despite his best attempts, the Avatar managed to complete the test and earn his Knighthood. Astounded, Shmed confessed his crime and attacked the Avatar in single combat hoping to kill him, but the Avatar slew him for his duplicity.

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Caladin Captain of the Bear Clan and Trainer of Strength and Combat skills, Caladin was a great warrior and also a noble soul. As Bear Captain, he was one of the three Knights responsible for ruling Monitor. Upon the Avatar's arrival in Monitor, he shared a great deal of information about the city and its people in order to help the Avatar in recovering the lost Helm of Courage.

On a side note: Caladin's grandfather's Ashes of the Dead were thought to have been stolen, while it was discovered that a teleport storm had switched them with Iolo's crossbow, found later in the Crypts of Honor. After Lord Marsten's arrest for treason, Caladin was appointed as Lord of Monitor, but was killed when the goblin horde sacked the city.

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Templar Knight of the Bear Clan and an expert in goblin strategy, Templar was able to provide the Avatar with a great deal of information about goblin warfare, including insights into the mind of the goblin king Pomdirgun. Attacked by a goblin raiding party, he was the only survivor of a group of Knights that were patrolling the surrounding area of Monitor. Among the fallen was Monitor's Champion Knight, Astrid, who bore the Helm of Courage before it was stolen by the goblins. After the goblins sacked the city of Monitor, Caladin's body was found among the wreckage. One hopes he died bravely in the defense of his city.

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Luther Knight of the Bear Clan and Trainer of the skill of Strength, Luther was a bit of a braggart but was a powerful contender on List Field. Refusing to talk to the Avatar before he defeated Luther in single combat, Luther later became a valuable ally in the hunt for Monitor's traitor. While he was offered the chance to become a companion to the Avatar in his travels, Luther declined the honor but took the opportunity to return Dupre's shield, which had been lost to a teleport storm. While fighting bravely in defense of Monitor, Luther was killed by the attacking goblin horde.

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Lydia Knight of the Bear Clan and Monitor's tattoo artist, Lydia was responsible for creating a Knight's Clan Tattoo, a mark given after a Knight completed their Test of Knighthood. When the Avatar arrived in Monitor, she realized that he was the servant of Lord British, ruler of Britannia. Secretly planning his murder, Lydia instructed her lover, Shmed, to rig the Test of Knighthood to be lethal. However, the Avatar survived Shmed's treachery to become a Knight, so when he arrived for his clan mark to be tattooed onto his face, Lydia poisoned him. Later, when confronted with her crime, she confessed and attacked the Avatar, who killed her in self-defense.

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Simon Knight of the Bear Clan and owner of the Sleeping Soldier Inn, Simon was well liked and regarded as a valuable member of the community; however, unknown to all he was secretly a goblin in disguise reporting all of Monitor's military secrets to the evil goblin king Pomdirgun. Following his Test of Knighthood, the Avatar began an investigation to find Monitor's traitor. During a search in the woods north of Monitor, the Avatar found a bottle of Fawnish Ale, the same drink that Simon had offered the Avatar earlier. When confronted with this evidence, Simon confessed his goblin nature and attacked the Avatar and party. He was killed by the Avatar, but with his dying breath gave information about the goblin camp and his King.

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