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Erstam One of the original settlers of the Serpent Isle, Erstam was the leader of the Mages from the Sosarian city of Moon who, unhappy with the establishment of the Virtues of Lord British, fled the ancient land of Sosaria and traveled through the Serpent Pillars to Serpent Isle. Once there, the settlers named the land New Sosaria, but as time progressed, they began to learn of the lost Ophidian culture and of the people who had lived there before. Renaming the land Serpent Isle, they established the three cities of Monitor, Fawn, and Moonshade. Erstam was a valued member of Moonshade, and helped guide that city's government, until the other Mages formed the Council of Mages, a group more interested in power than the needs of the governed. Disgusted, Erstam sailed to what is now known as Mad Mage Isle, and began research into the secret of immortality.

When the Avatar arrived in Moonshade, he met Erstam's son, the apothocary Pothos, who told the Avatar the secret to reaching Erstam's Isle. Once there, Erstam was suspicious of the Avatar, but allowed him to stay to help in his study of immortality. He sent the Avatar on a quest to recover a phoenix egg from Skyrise, a phoenix who had died on an island nearby. With the egg in his possession, Erstam created Boydon, a creature made from the body parts of dead creatures. Pleased with the sucess of his experiment, Erstam presented the Avatar with the ancient Serpent Jawbone, a magical artifact that allowed the Avatar to use the ancient Dark Path to travel across the Serpent Isle. Erstam remains on his Isle today, continuing his research.

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Vasel The servant and slave of Erstam, Vasel was a pathetic man, deformed at birth and forced to serve the Mad Mage's every whim. Actually the third servant of Erstam, the two previous servants were killed during some of the Mad Mage's experiments, and their body parts were used by the Avatar when he helped to create Boydon. When the Avatar arrived on the Isle of the Mad Mage, Vasel told him of Erstam's Serpent Jawbone, used to teleport across the Serpent Isle. Vasel remains on Mad Mage Isle, serving Erstam.

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Boydon A bizarre creature made up from the body parts of dead creatures, Boydon was created by Erstam and the Avatar during the Mad Mage's experiments into immortality. His life force, generated by a phoenix egg from Skyrise, Boydon was an intelligent and loyal being. Joining the Avatar in his journeys, Boydon proved to a sturdy companion and an asset in battle. During the sage Batlin's attempt to open the Wall of Lights in the Grand Shrine of Order, Boydon was killed when the Banes of Chaos escaped from Batlin's control.

Ironically, his body was destroyed and was unable to be resurrected by the Monks of Xenka. Undaunted, the Avatar simply carried Boydon's bodiless head through his travels. Sadly, Boydon was presumed lost in the Ethereal Void when the Avatar, restoring the Balance in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise Isle, entered the Wall of Lights.

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Skyrise A phoenix, a mythical creature who dies once a thousand years only to be resurrected by fire, Skyrise traveled to an island near the Isle of the Mad Mage nearly a century ago. Once there, she died and it wasn't until the Avatar, acting on the instructions of Erstam, arrived and loosened a lava flow to cover her remains. Resurrected by the flames, Skyrise presented the Avatar with a phoenix egg, which was later used to create Boydon. Skyrise remains on her island, waiting for another thousand years to pass.

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