Storms violently rage across the ground; illness strikes those I have called allies; Madness, Anarchy, and Wantonness walk the earth in the form of my greatest friends, and I think am I to blame?

Imbalance destroys a culture, one red their people scattered and slain by those who oppose them; the other blue fled into the Ethereal Void in search of that which cannot be found.

Death strikes those I have met before, both enemy and ally. Destruction is my calling card, and my lord begs me from his dreams to help him understand the answers to it all...answers I do not have.

A friend's sacrifice in my place, his blood upon my hands. A serpent of gold speaks to me from afar telling me that Balance is restored all are saved, yet I hang poised on the edge of eternity...waiting.

A voice calls quietly from the Void, an evil and malignant thing, mocking my actions and cursing my deeds. As his red hand crushes me in his grip, I think am I to blame?

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