By: BloodyCats Dragon

Imagination took me there, beneath the trees, beside the mountains
Clear blue rivers and quiet towns
A murder quiet in the barn and a dear old friend I never met before.
His wife left him for adventure
He says heís been missing me.
Imagination keeps me there.
Blood red man, monster with glowing eyes he
Came to mock me and made me Avatar
And I go meet a man who knew me back when,
But we never met before.
He gave me my pocketwatch, gold and dirty
They say they been waiting two centuries for me
Beneath the bright orange electronic trees
And they welcome me into their world
As if I somehow belonged.
And imagination keeps me there with friends who seldom speak
They follow me into the dungeons and we all spill our blood
The ranger gets nervous when I ask him about his lady love
And they willingly spill cold blood with me
For a cause I canít be into, but I am
ĎCause my lord embraced me
And counted on me to be a fairy tale.
The knight drinks and has a dry wit that makes me laugh
And he ainít real, but I wish I knew him better
Like at the end of Old Yeller
When you pined for more attention from the characters.
And a great red beast with malevolent eyes
Mocks me as our party walks along
And I recognize the sneering yellow eyes
As two Britannian moons.
I say I am alone here
And I got stress all over me
But I can forget for a second and sleep on hard ground
Amongst loyalties
Beneath an electronic darkness
Iím thankful sleep comes easy
In a new, cold comfortable fantasy
Beneath two Britannian moons.

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