I know this has nothing to do with Ultima, but this is a poem by BloodyCats' that stayed stuck in my head. Read and enjoy.

"Kneel me Down"

Kneel me down.
I want to put my head on your knee.
But don't look at me,
just touch.
Let me forget myself; let me forget you.
Sometimes life gets unbearable.
Sometimes this lack of love
leaves me in angry shakes at myself;
angry at these helpless tears.
I want to be helpless on you.
Let me lie my head on your knee
Speak to me in soft tones
But don't look at me.
Let us be nothing but feelings.
I'll be sorrow and you can be strength.
I'll be tears and you can be gentle hands.
Just touch me
Before this frustration overwhelms me
And my teeth shatter with the force of clenched desperation.
I need to be helpless, but not all alone
I need to be held in an unfeeling niche of rock
Will you be my stone?
But don't look at me.

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